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Rent pickup trucks by the hour.
Just launched in New York City!

Instant hassle free rental Easy-to-Drive Toyota Tacomas
Reserved Parking 
 Trucks Available by the Hour • Drive Off In Minutes
Customer quotes for Truqit

Great experience! Nice non-smoking truck, good gas mileage, centrally located, and a very responsive host. Would gladly book again. Thanks!

Customer quotes for Truqit

- Steven

We’re empowered doers just like you


Our mission is to empower do-ers. Whether you're completing home and garden renovations, eliminating clutter, moving a room share, or picking up items on Craigslist, TRUQIT is there for you. With easy to drive, easy to park trucks in your neighborhood, TRUQIT wants you to get the project done.
So go ahead. Ask to borrow the truck. We won't mind.

Everyone wishes they had a friend with a pickup truck. TRUQIT aims to be that friend.

Satisfied customer


Sohail Suleman

Sohail Suleman

CEO, Founder of TRUQIT

  • Sohail Suleman LinkedIn
Sohail brings a penchant for getting in over his head with home improvement DIY projects, years of experience as a shade tree auto mechanic, and a meh background in product management and software engineering to TRUQIT.

​Ask Sohail about how he started TRUQIT to solve his changing the light bulb problem. Don't ask him about perpendicular parking or Honda power steering pumps
Ryan Sokol

Ryan Sokol


  • Ryan Sokol LinkedIn
Ryan adds his vast experience in ride-sharing and on-demand food delivery ecosystems to the mix as TRUQIT's lead investor, advisor, and sounding board.

​Ask Ryan about his experience as an early car share customer in 1993. Don't ask Ryan about his ongoing experiences as a moto share vendor dating back to 1992.

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